Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Creative Programming in the Academic Library

The March 2008 issue of C&RL News includes an interesting article about developing creative programming ideas in the academic library. Here are five ideas from the article:
1. Host a fair.
2. Plan a mystery event.
3. Create a stress-free zone.
4. Have a blind date with a book.
5. Invite children to the library.
When we think programming, many of us tend to think of public rather than academic libraries. But why not offer some fun, creative events in the academic library that will help engage students?


Leah White said...

I really like the idea of a "stress free zone". How do you do that? With food and movies, etc.?

Stacey Greenwell said...

I like the "stress free zone" too. The library featured in the article set up board games and offered mini-massages. What a cool idea. They also put out some crayons (we did something similar here at UK--even made some fun coloring book pages!). I think there are a lot of ways to approach this. The important thing is for library staff to recognize how frazzled students get, especially during exam time, and consider offering something that's fun and relaxing. Even if it's as simple as a bowl of candy (and hopefully students are allowed to eat candy in the library!!), that's a start.

adkljfdsfklniodv said...

woohoo!!! Bring in the kiddos!!! It's so funny when their little eyeballs get all googely over the awe and mystique of our large building, It makes me laugh...and I love it when you try to wave at them and they run and hide behind mom/dad...

Hmm...I feel creative programming energy coming on!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful quiet week at the 'brary :)

Stacey Greenwell said...

Speaking of kids in the library, we had about 60 high school students here yesterday for tours and instruction. Who said the library would be quiet during spring break!