Monday, October 08, 2007

In the News

The Hub was featured in a piece on the local news Thursday night. I'm very pleased with the coverage. Several different areas of the Hub are shown and I like what the students had to say. I am a little surprised at the reporter questioning why exams were scheduled the day after a big game. Come on, everything doesn't revolve around football here. Basketball, maybe, but now football too?

We do usually show games on the TVs in our two lounge spaces at the Hub. The volume stays fairly low so you can get away from the game in the Hub when you need to do so. And of course, the quiet study areas on the third and fifth floors of the library are always an option. I'm thinking about making it more official this semester: "Hoops at the Hub." Now that we're doing so well in football, I guess I'll need to think of something catchy for that, too.

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