Thursday, December 20, 2007

Three Cheers for Progressive Librarians!

I am positively delighted at this post from Leah, a library science student at Dominican. Here's a snippet:

Here is a picture of University of Kentucky’s library.

That is their information commons. Isn’t it awesome? I know. Check that signage. I totally want to staff that desk. Three cheers for progressive librarians! This is one of my suggestions in the paper. Creating an information commons and hopefully having this be the first thing a patron sees when they enter the library.

The reaction to the Hub from students has been positive so far. We've been featured in the student newspaper, the student-authored campus guide, as well as a few other places. It's wonderful to see other librarians/librarians-to-be recognizing our terrific space, too!

Thanks, Michael, for the link!

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Leah White said...

I'm so pleased that you liked the blog! Hopefully I will get to see your information commons in person some day! :)