Sunday, May 04, 2008

Technical Support Roundtable at SLA Annual Conference

I've mentioned this already on the SLA IT Division blog, but I'm trying to spread the word widely. For the third year in a row, the SLA IT division is sponsoring the Technical Support Roundtable. We've been billing it as an "unconference" session--essentially what I do is lead a discussion among the audience members on technical support-related issues in libraries and information centers. The session has gained several regulars at this point, and our audience grows each year. If you will be attending the SLA Annual Conference in Seattle in June, consider dropping in on this session. Previous sessions have included such varied topics as favorite professional development resources, using blogs in libraries, dealing with client security, using SharePoint effectively, favorite Firefox add-ins, best RSS aggregators, and so forth. This year I've already compiled quite a list of topics--one I plan to focus on for sure is cloud computing and how it will affect libraries.

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