Sunday, June 15, 2008

Update from the SLA Conference in Seattle

Several exciting new initiatives in SLA have been announced in the Leadership Development Institute this morning:

SLA Innovation Laboratory

SLA members will have access to thousands of applications, including licensed software like the Adobe Creative Suite. To me, that alone is worth the price of SLA membership ($160). Also included in the "laboratory" are a number of training tools and video tutorials available to members to build on their technology expertise.

SLA's 23 Things

I've mentioned that UK Libraries and now a larger group on the UK campus have participated in a "23 Things"-style Learning 2.0 program (we called ours Blue 2.0). Now SLA members will have the opportunity to participate in a similar program.

SLA in Second Life
I actually gave the update for this project. We are an enthusiastic and active group building an in-world presence for SLA in Second Life as well as developing training opportunities and educational resources on Second Life. Check out our wiki for more information. For those in Seattle, look for a special Second Life introduction to the opening general session this evening.

Update: Slides from the short SL presentation I gave in LDI. Thanks, Jill!

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