Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Complicated: More on the Library/IT Relationship

The current issue of C&RL News includes an article about how library and IT staff can effectively work together, "Hang Together or Hang Separately: Improved Information Services through Communication and Culture." Those of us in a commons environment are often particularly interested in building better relationships between the library and IT. I know our commons would not be nearly so successful if we did not have such an excellent relationship with campus IT.

One of the things that particularly interested me with this article is that it is written by a library staff member who moved into an IT department and an IT person who moved into a librarian position. As I was an IT librarian for several years, I appreciate those who can work well in both camps. Some of the points are fairly obvious, particularly when it comes to respect and communication among both groups, but it is still worth a read. Read the full article online.

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