Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ALA Roundup

I have not attended the ALA conference in at least five years as I have gotten so involved in SLA. This year's ALA was practically like a vacation for me--no meeting obligations, so I could attend sessions and visit the exhibits as much as I wished. It was pretty nice, though I found myself missing friends from SLA.

Anyway, here are images of the poster session Alice and I presented about our Hubbub party in the library and our Swap and Shop PR award for the Hub video.

The chief mastermind behind our Swap and Shop PR award-winning video, Kirk Laird, asked me if I'd be bringing home a 6 ft tall trophy for the award. Unfortunately the trophy was 3 ft tall at most--it's pictured here with a librarian. Seriously, it does take terrific partnerships like those we have with TASC in order to make such creative endeavors possible.

Good conference, maybe it won't take me five years to attend again!

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patsycat said...

We've created a statuette for Kirk. Can't wait to show you. ;)