Sunday, June 26, 2011

SLA Academic Keeps Growing

So it's been three years since we began the petition drive for the SLA Academic Division. The division was officially formed in January 2009. We had our first round of programs at the 2009 SLA Annual Conference despite having any funds, and already we were 225 members strong. In 2010, we had our first "real" set of conference programs with several standing-room-only sessions, a spotlight session, and a Sunday night dance party. In 2011, we launched our open access, peer-reviewed journal, Practical Academic Librarianship: the International Journal of the SLA Academic Division. Last month at the SLA Annual Conference, we had a number of outstanding programs (check out our Twitter feed for details) and a spotlight session, not to mention the must-attend Karaoke Night. I am thrilled at all of this progress and that three years later the division is at 525 members and growing.

A huge thanks to everyone who made SLA Academic possible and keeps moving us forward--you guys are the best!Link

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