Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's a new fiscal year for many of us academia, so why shouldn't we celebrate it? Consider it a time for a fresh start and some resolutions. Lose weight, read more, stress less--those all sound great. But I'm particularly focused on new resolutions for our information commons at UK--The Hub. What can we do to have a really successful rest-of-2007?

A few easy things I'm thinking of:

Start a flickr 365 for what's on our whiteboards. There's hilarious and creative stuff there. Who knows, maybe we can get a conversation going.

Create a few Facebook tips posters for our tackboards. Don't do stupid things on Facebook--it's amazing how many students don't think about this. If at least one student pays attention to my poster, it will be worth it.

Actually attempt to use more social software to work with our patrons. IM is just the beginning. I've been preaching all these things for years (blogs, wikis, blah blah blah) but now it's time to really put them into action--at work, not just for SLA.

I've had this blog since the Christmas before I went to Ecuador (um, that was over two years ago) and I have yet to post anything substantive here. That probably instills little confidence, but I hope you'll still add me to your aggregator anyway--I am going to do better this time.

Here's to a Happy New Year and actually sticking to those resolutions!

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