Friday, July 06, 2007

My Avatar Visits the Hub

Earlier this week, we did a first pass at "filming" our freshman tutorial using Second Life. We had been using a PowerPoint presentation for several years but decided to attempt something different this year.

I'm pretty pleased with how things look so far. I took this shot in between takes, as my avatar hung out in front of this "real world" set of the Hub we created. I particularly like this shot because if you look really close, you'll see a librarian in the background (a former IL librarian here).

Our tutorial is shot in two locations--in a dorm room we built in world, as well as this Hub set. We still need to record the audio portion of the script and have a great deal of editing yet to do. I'm anxious to get started but we really need all of the content before we get down to editing. At the very least, this has been quite a learning experience (and a lot of fun) for everyone involved.

We wear buttons in the Hub as a way to identify staff. We created the button as a Second Life clothing item (thanks, Beth!), so that my avatar could wear one in this scene. How cool is that!

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