Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is Your Commons 2.0?

The new issue of Educause Quarterly includes an article about Commons 2.0. The five guiding principles behind commons 2.0:
it is open, free, comfortable, inspiring, and practical [my emphasis]
Defining features of a commons typically include floor plan design, furniture, and equipment that are ideal for collaborative multimedia projects. Adequate wireless coverage, plenty of electrical outlets, and comfortable furniture are also routinely mentioned as essential features of a commons.

I'm pleased to see that an inspiring space is one of the principles of this Commons 2.0 model. It's something that I haven't seen addressed much yet, but I think it's important to develop a space that encourages artistic and creative impulses. At the Hub, we feature video art projected on six large walls in the space. We display a different exhibit each month and try to incorporate student work as much as possible. I'd like to do more with student art in the coming year, and I know there are other ways we can foster creativity as well. Any suggestions?

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