Wednesday, January 09, 2008

UK Second Life Island Now Open

UK now has a presence in Second Life. For the past couple of months, I've been serving on a campus workgroup focused on Second Life, and we have several interesting projects happening at UK. A couple of classes will be meeting in Second Life regularly this year. A few researchers are building on our island to take advantage of 3-D modeling. We're looking at ways to create a virtual campus tour for recruiting--some members of our workgroup even participated in an in world College Fair last semester. The library has set up a point of contact on the island--like Facebook and everything else, it is simply one more way to get in touch with us. We've all met with colleagues from other institutions on a regular basis in world--the Rowdy KYians are librarians and educators in Kentucky who meet periodically for discussions. We have many more ideas for our presence in Second Life and will be experimenting in the coming months.

I've had a blast working with colleagues from departments around campus as we learn how to build. I'm still doing simple stuff--mostly using items already built by someone else, though I have modified a few objects. Where I tend to shine is in landscaping. Beth has posted some pictures of the library stuff we did as well as the entire island. Like the sweeping tree lines and colorful flower beds? If only I could do that in my own garden.

Photo by Alice Burgess


Anonymous said...

Hi, your friend Tensegrity (sp?)Tigerpaw sent me your blog website :) I'd like to come visit your island, is it open to the public? -Amilie Anatine

Stacey Greenwell said...

Thanks for your interest! I've been out at a conference or I would have responded sooner. We are now open to the public. The location is:

Let me know if you need a teleport!