Friday, March 07, 2008

Point to Multiple Profiles with ProfileFly

One of the obvious issues with social networking software is the lack of connection among different services. I have a Facebook account, a MySpace account, and even more contacts in LinkedIn. I have some flickr images, some YouTube videos, then there are those bookmarks or blogrolls I might want to share. Not to mention all the blogs where I contribute or websites I manage.

Until there is a way to connect all of this social data, at least there are some services designed for creating a single profile with pointers to your various social presences. I have started looking at these and just signed up for ProfileFly yesterday. I haven't added very many links yet, but there are a number of options. Check it out--it's an interesting idea.

The Internet's Profile & Contact Directory.


T Peter said...

You've probably heard of it, but there's a similar tool at It doesn't look quite as flashy as ProfileFly, but it's been around a bit longer and has the added benefit of being the brainchild of several library school students! Here's my page if you want to see a sample: tpeterr.

Stacey Greenwell said...

Pete, very cool! I am definitely going to check out claimID. Thanks for sharing!