Monday, December 08, 2008

Best.Erasers.Ever, Part II

Long-time followers of this blog may remember when I proclaimed I had found the best whiteboard eraser ever. I realize this may seem trivial, but for those of us surrounded by whiteboards in a busy commons environment, the perfect eraser is so very important.

Last week I learned that the aforementioned "best eraser ever" was no longer available from our office supplier. This news was mildly devastating, as we are now entering dead week, easily our busiest time of year. Thankfully we called around and found another magnetic whiteboard eraser.

While the new erasers have only seen a weekend's worth of use (and a very busy weekend at that), I think they could easily deserve the title "best eraser ever." My criteria are pretty simple--magnetic, lots of fuzzy stuff, nice ergonomic design. What really sets these erasers apart though is that they have the ability to store two markers. This is fabulous for something like our student message board, where magnetic markers are essential.

Sparco Magnetic Jumbo Eraser, 97250

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