Tuesday, April 07, 2009

KY SLA is the Best!

I tend to avoid personal posts on this blog as I don't want to run off my readers interested in the commons environment. I am fairly sure this blog is one of very few focused on information commons/learning commons. So that said, if you aren't interested in SLA or me, just keep on scrolling this morning.

Last week I attended the Kentucky Library Association Academic and Special Sections and the Kentucky Chapter of the Special Libraries Association Joint Spring Conference. This is the annual meeting of both groups, held in a different Kentucky state park each year. A number of us stay in cabins, which gives us the opportunity to spend hours catching up and talking while enjoying the Kentucky springtime on a scenic patio. This is one of my favorite conferences, and no matter how busy my schedule, I try to not miss this one.

How could my favorite conference get better? Well by having a surprise party thrown in my honor, of course. I'm talking about a lights off, room full of people jumping out from behind the furniture kind of surprise party. I'm talking about a redecorated cabin with streamers, campaign signs, cake, and even a tiara and sash for the honoree. It was really amazing that what seemed like half the conference attendees pulled off such a celebration without me knowing about it.

When they demanded a speech, for once I was too overwhelmed to say anything at all.

The party was to celebrate that I am only the third Kentucky Chapter member ever to be nominated to run for SLA Board of Directors. While we enjoyed good cake and good times, my "campaign team" got down to business right away, developing strategies right there for my run for SLA Division Cabinet Chair-Elect. I very quickly realized what a serious bunch they can be sometimes, and indeed, we are in it to win it!

To all my dear friends and colleagues in Kentucky, thank you for the party and for your continued support. I hesitate to name names, as it took some wrangling to find out who any of the responsible parties were. I do know that Abby Thorne and Valerie Perry were key conspirators--Abby, I think you need an upgrade from "water wench" to "cake wench." Thank you! As soon as I saw the fine Photoshopping done for my campaign signs (sorry, most aren't suitable for sharing in this forum), I knew only Beth Kraemer could be behind it. I also have to thank my perennial cabin-mates from the infamous "Cabin of Impropriety": James Manasco, Jo Staggs-Neel, and Susan Brown. I suspect that these folks were involved in some way as well: Leoma Dunn, Jan Berry, Liz Smith, Alex Grigg, Shawn Livingston, Constance Ard, Debbie Sharp, Sue Smith, and Alice Wasielewski. If I missed anyone, you should have fessed up. Thank you all.

Photos by Jan Berry

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