Monday, April 13, 2009

Talking about the Hubbub

I do enjoy talking about the Hubbub, our welcome party in the Hub during fall orientation week, so much so that my Facebook friends who know nothing about my job know all about the party by August each year. This year should be even bigger, as the Hubbub is now one of the major events during K Week. I'll start planning next month and will likely share some of those ideas here throughout the planning process.

Anyway, as much as I like writing about the Hubbub and talking about the Hubbub on Facebook, I really like talking about the party in person. Earlier this month I did just that, along with former colleague Alice Wasielewski, at the Kentucky Library Association Academic and Special Sections and the Kentucky Chapter of the Special Libraries Association Joint Spring Conference. To create a more party-like atmosphere in our post-lunch time slot, we distributed leis to session attendees (good idea, Alice!). Later that afternoon I heard a few people asking where they got the leis--should have attended our session!

We will be sharing our Hubbub story again at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago on July 12 at 1 pm in our poster session, "Causing a Hubbub: Hosting a Freshmen Orientation Extravaganza at the Library." I am not sure yet if I will be attending the conference, but I know Alice will be there at Table 1 ready to share lots of information and advice about throwing a party for your students.

Photo by Beth Kraemer

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