Thursday, September 24, 2009

Awesome Library Survival Guide

In building our undergraduate commons, Indiana University was one of our primary models. As we start our planning for a faculty/graduate student commons, we are looking at their concept once again. Today my friend Sarah shared a link to their Survival Guide for students. This is another brilliant idea worth imitating.

Reminiscent of a Worst Case Scenario survival guide, this clever handbook is filled with tips from "How to finish your research so you still have time for fun" and "How to find a good place to study" to "What to do if you break your arm and you still need to type a paper" and "What to do if you are stuck in an elevator."

The guide is filled with wry humor and interesting factoids ("There are 166 steps from the first to the tenth floor of the East Tower") as well as practical advice ("Watch out for passing buses, too. When they speed through a puddle, use your body as a shield to protect your books, not the other way around. In the long run, it will be less expensive.")

When I saw the link, I intended to simply flip through it but ended up reading the entire thing. Somehow they have managed to provide useful information and yet be quite funny and engaging. Take a look at IUB's Survival Tips. Brilliant!

Images from IUB's Survival Tips

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