Monday, September 21, 2009

New Commons at Tulane

The new Learning Commons at Tulane University will have its dedication ceremony on Wednesday. The description of the space includes the usual collaborative work areas, wireless access, and so forth. I like how they describe their help:
Just as important as the technology and amenities, the Learning Commons is also the place to interact one-on-one with research librarians, technology experts, and media specialists. These professionals are on hand throughout the day and evening to assist students with their research and learning activities.
I found a number of photos of the space on flickr. I am actually headed to New Orleans next month--hope I'll have time for a quick visit!

Image from Howard-Tilton Memorial Library


Derek Toten said...


I'm one of the 'architects' of the Tulane Learning Commons. Would love to showyou around and trade notes if you have a chance to make it over here.

Derek Toten
Director of Instructinal Media & Learning Spaces

Stacey Greenwell said...

Derek, thanks for your comment. Once I get a better idea of my schedule I will be in touch. Thanks! -Stacey