Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Furniture in the Computer Lab

One of the computer labs in the Hub has been getting a makeover to better meet student needs and to look more like the rest of the Hub. UK IT, our partner in the Hub project, recently rearranged the lab space and added more comfortable seating as well as the ever-popular "power towers" for plugging in laptops. Students have been excited to see couches in the lab--I expect they'll be especially popular during finals week.

I watched the furniture getting unpacked, and within an hour, we already had a student using one of the tables with a laptop--no staging necessary!

The next phase of the hub-lification of the lab includes some original artwork, as well as better signs and the addition of a "power bar" for plugging in mobile devices. More ideas are always in the works--today Student Government and UK IT are hosting an open forum to get more feedback on student technology needs.

Photos by Alice Wasielewski


Anonymous said...

very nice. That unstaged student was also seen, within the first hour of use, hiding his drink on the floor behind the bench (if you look really closely)!

the benches look nice, but are they really comfortable? He looks a little slouchy.

Stacey Greenwell said...

They're more comfortable than you'd think. I frequently see faculty and staff sitting in those "booths" working on a laptop. We have a very open work environment so I think some of us like to get away for awhile!