Thursday, October 23, 2008

No, I didn't put a student up to this

Students have a lot of fun with our whiteboards. Alice has captured many of the creative, beautiful, or just plain weird things we've seen on the boards (check out the Hub's flickr). This is the best we've seen yet on our Student Message Board:

Here's a closer look at the things one can enjoy in the Hub (private computer areas and TWO computer labs).

More things that one can enjoy, though "please obey the rules and throw away your trash!"

Of course we all need to "remember to have fun, smile and say hello to people so people will say students at UK are the best students I have ever met on any campus!!"

After all, the Hub is THE PLACE TO BE!

Wow, this is priceless. I'd love to meet the student who did this. How very cool.

Photos by Alice Wasielewski

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