Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blue 2.0: and Google Docs

Okay, I've also been a Big Blue Slacker lately. I'll chalk it up to an especially busy couple of weeks at work, the weather, or maybe even the Blue 2.0 Happy Hour last night. Foolishly one of our participants captured some of the evening's festivities on his camera--I guess he's thinking he'll get credit for that during Weeks 9&10: Photos, Video, and Podcasting. Fat chance.

Anyway, my thoughts on this module's activities:

I set up a account some time ago and had forgotten about it. I'm glad we did a module on it, as it reminded me how useful social bookmarking sites can be. It also reminded me that I really needed to import my current bookmarks into my account.

Google Docs
I've seen this sentiment expressed on other Blue 2.0 blogs but it bears repeating. For on-campus collaborations, I prefer SharePoint (hey Beth--bet you didn't expect me to say that ;-) I've used Google Docs a few times in the past, and it is terrific for off-campus collaborations. I've used it for several SLA activities and will likely use it again for that purpose in the future.

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