Sunday, February 03, 2008

University of KY Second Life Island

On Friday, a number of regional educators involved in Second Life (affectionately known as the Rowdy KYians), gathered for a lecture in the virtual William T Young Library. I've participated in a number of these events, but this reminded me once again of the value of using a virtual world as a meeting place. No way would I have had the time to take a trip somewhere to listen to this speaker and participate in this discussion, but it was a piece of cake to log on and jump right in.

Since the campus newspaper article and the UK news story, we've had a number of visitors to the island. Just this morning I logged in to test something, and I ran into someone just checking things out. We've had students asking about the client installation at the Hub, and a student even launched a UK Second Life Facebook group. It's exciting to be part of this from the earliest stages. Stay tuned for more.

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