Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue 2.0: Play Week

What fun would Blue 2.0 be without a little playing? This week's module is Play Week. Even if you aren't a UK Blue 2.0 participant, I encourage you to check out our long list of fun and useful technologies that are worth knowing about and giving a try.

Just a few thoughts on the list:

The label generators are terrific for creating images for presentations. Slideshare is useful for distributing them.

I've used Rollyo for personal purposes--great for shopping multiple websites at once! It does have other non-shopping-related uses as well...

Second Life--I've said a lot about it already.

Everyone should clone themselves at least once--whether a Simpson or a Mee.

Technorati is a good site for looking for blog content. Plus you can favorite the blogs you enjoy!

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