Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Blog on IT in Higher Education

Since I moved from an IT support position into the commons, I have continued to remain engaged with IT issues in higher education. I post about some of those issues here, particularly as they pertain to the commons, and I will continue to do so.

Recently I have been working with a colleague on a couple of presentations and an article focused on the drastic changes ahead for IT on campus. As this is such a significant and important discussion, we decided to launch a blog related to these issues. From funding to consumer technologies to cloud computing to changing student needs and attitudes, we know that the IT organization will evolve into something different. We are already seeing it with partnerships such as the information commons and the merging of library and IT support into one integrated service to better meet student needs. We see these changes and many more ahead and plan to share our observations as well as important reading. If higher education IT is of interest to you, consider subscribing to our blog, Translational Technologies.

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