Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wall-Mounted Displays in the Commons

Many commons environments have TVs or flat panel displays mounted on the walls to provide information and entertainment. The Hub is no exception, as we have two--one in our "Grub at the Hub" vending area and the other at our entrance.

The "Grub at the Hub" display typically shows CNN, though we change it for special events as appropriate.

The entrance display typically shows a PowerPoint presentation directing visitors to different areas of the space as well as providing hours and basic information about what we can do to help you. Pictured is one of my more eye-catching attempts at relaying this information, a video of a Second Life avatar directing users around the space. I used pictures as backgrounds in Second Life, so it appears like the avatar is walking around the Hub. Pretty neat, huh. This video and our PowerPoint shows look nice and seem to be somewhat effective, but I can tell you that it is extremely time-consuming to keep the information updated, even if you have created a very simple show. One of my "if we had it to do over again" thoughts: we probably could have skipped the displays.

I do have to say the displays came in extremely handy today, as we had a huge crowd in the Hub to watch the Inauguration. What a moment!

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